5 Things the Apple Watch Series 1 can do that your iPhone ALREADY does

Your Apple Watch Series 1 is basically a smartphone on a wristwatch form factor. Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons for you.

apple watch does what iphone already does

1. Answering and Making Phone Calls

Of course, why not? Your Apple Watch can now answer calls from your iPhone (which is in your pocket, by the way) via Bluetooth. Now you won’t have to pull out your iPhone and answer the call. You can conveniently use the microphone and speaker from your Apple Watch instead of the ones from your more expensive smartphone.

Who knows, you might be doing something as cumbersome as to disallow you to make a phone call from your “phone”.


2. Check your  Emails

You’re a busy person. You want your emails get directed to you ASAP. No delays. No matter what you do, whatever email it is, you can check it without (again) pulling out your iPhone. Your Apple Watch will do it for you. Say goodbye to missed emails. Out jogging? Out in the gym? But can’t leave your business out of your system just yet? This is a feature you will surely like.

apple watch check email

3. Social Media Notifications

Oh, before we forget have you checked how many likes you had on your Instagram? How many retweets and likes on Twitter? Being the social media pro that you are, you should be able to see your real-time progress in the vast internet of things. Your Apple Watch will be there to beam you your notifications like crazy. It’s gonna be hectic so make sure your smart watch is charged – at least twice a day?

apple watch twitter

4. As a Clock (Duh?)

I’m sure you know this by now but the Apple Watch can also be a clock, right? Or a watch, if you prefer that term. You can even make this your nightstand watch for your alarm the next day. Ain’t that amazing?! Now you can have another device to annoy you and cut your deep sleep. Well, it tells the time and date so it works. Perfect.

apple watch clock

5. Your music player

Remember the iPod Nano with the wrist strap? That’s exactly what the Apple Watch will remind you of when you know that it can play music. This is kinda useful. Ever fumbled with your iPhone just to move tracks forward? Yeah, big problem right? Too old school. Now, be smooth by using your smart watch to do just that. Cool.

apple watch music