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Series 1 Apple Watch FAQs

Apple Watch Screen Repair

Only 1st Generation and Series 1 Apple Watch Screen Replacement Available

What are the requirements for using an Apple Watch?

You need an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6 or 6+, 6s or 6s+, 7 or 7s+ with iOS 8.2 or later installed to use the Apple Watch. The Series 1 requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Can I use the Apple Watch without an iPhone?

No. You need a compatible iPhone to first pair the watch which then enables the watch to communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth (close proximity) or local Wi-Fi network. The Watch does not stop working if it cannot communicate with its paired iPhone but obviously some features are not available (e.g. notifications of incoming emails/messages). Without the iPhone the watch does continue to function e.g. tell the time, track data such as exercise and heart rate, play music and view photos from the internal storage in the Watch.

What about left handed users?

Users are able to choose the orientation of the interface when starting the watch up for the first time. The Apple Watch wrist bands are interchangeable and can be swapped around too. The only difference for left handed users is that the Digital Crown input wheel will be on the bottom left instead of the top right.

Does the Apple Watch have any internal storage?

Yes – 8GB. However, some types of media are limited to the storage they can take up: music has a maximum of 2GB (approximately 400-500 songs) and photos have a maximum of 75MB (but at a resolution of just 312×390, which is the pixel size of the 42mm display, that’s approximately 1500 photos).

Are there any third party apps/content for the Apple Watch?

Yes – see this Apple web page. Apple made a software development kit (SDK) called “WatchKit” kit available in November 2014. Some third party apps were showcased at the Apple “Spring Forward” event on the 9th March 2015. Third party apps can be searched for, downloaded and transferred to your Apple Watch via a dedicated “Watch” application on your iPhone (requires iOS 8.2 or later).

Can I use the phone to make calls ala Dick Tracy style?

Yes, as long as your Watch is in proximity to your iPhone (either via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi newtork). The Apple Watch has a microphone.

What’s this I hear about “force touch”?

There are two types of touch capability built into the face. Standard tap and swipe gestures along with a pressure sensitive “force” touch which is like pressing a button. For example, when the normal watch face is showing on the screen a force touch brings up different watch faces each of which can be customised.

Can the Apple Watch work with the Apple Pay system?

Yes it does. See this article for more information about the Apple Pay system. A passcode is required for setting up Apple Pay with the Apple Watch. For security, this passcode must be re-entered every time the watch is put back on after being removed. A payment can be made by tapping the side of the Apple Watch twice and holding it near a payment terminal. As long as the Watch is paired with your iPhone and the passcode has been entered the Watch does not need to be in proximity to you iPhone to make payments.

Can the Apple Watch control the iPhone?

Yes. The Watch can control certain aspects of your iPhone such as music and even be used as a remote control for the iPhone camera which is ideal for group/timed shots.

Does the Apple Watch have it’s own operating system?

Yes – it’s called “watchOS”. The original Apple Watch came with watchOS 1 or 2. The Apple Watch Series 1 comes with watchOS 3.0.

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