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5 Best Features of Galaxy S8+

These are the Galaxy S8+ best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.

5 Best Features of Galaxy S8+


People are constantly demanding bigger and bigger displays, but at some point, that size becomes a serious detriment to easy one-handed operation. That’s why the Galaxy S8+ features a screen with an extra wide 18.5:9 aspect ratio, which offers considerably more real estate compared to similarly sized devices, but without requiring two hands all the time to control the phone. And since S8’s Super AMOLED screen sports a resolution of 2960 x 1440, you know pictures and videos are going to look super sharp, too.


With Samsung’s elegant and simple DeX dock, you can turn the S8 into a mini desktop PC for much less than what you’d pay for the real thing. All you have to is hook the $150 DeX up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and then set the S8 onto the built-in USB-C connector — you’re ready to go. In use, the DeX offers a surprisingly clean and simple interface, while also giving you the flexibility to multi-task as you use multiple windows or full-screen apps, though our DeX review found the device to be a work in progress. The DeX dock even has Windows 10 virtualization options, making it potentially attractive for business use.


Qualcomm announced its latest flagship mobile system on a chip back at CES, but we’ve been waiting for a phone maker to actually go an put the Snapdragon 835 in an actual device. The wait is over with the S8, and based on our testing, Samsung’s new flagship is faster than every other Android phone on the market. (The iPhone 7 Plus does give Samsung’s phone a run for its money, particularly in single-core testing with the Geekbench 4 measure of overall performance.)

NEW GEAR VR (and Gear VR Controller)

A new design for the S8+ means Samsung also had to update its popular VR headset. So for the new Gear VR, Samsung has not only changed the shape of the headset to accommodate both the Galaxy S8 and S8+, it’s also packing in the new Gear VR controller (free of charge with pre-orders), which features a handy trigger button, a large circular touchpad and 3-axis controls.


With the Galaxy S8+ moving to an almost completely bezel-free design, there’s no room in front for a physical home button. Thankfully, Samsung has implemented a virtual touch button that serves the same purpose, complete with haptic feedback. Too bad the fingerprint sensor is now on the back next to the camera.

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