Would I upgrade from OnePlus 3T to OnePlus 5? NO.

Six months ago, OnePlus 3T was released. It was a hunk of a smartphone with specs you can’t resist to have. Now, here comes an update: the OnePlus 5. Let me be truly honest. It’s not worth upgrading to it just yet. Here’s why.

Would I upgrade from OnePlus 3T to OnePlus 5? NO.

1. It looks like an iPhone more than anything else.

It may just be aesthetics but copying the iPhone 7 chassis and body design can be a little bit off. With the exception of the audio jack which the OnePlus 5 still have, everything is Apple inspired. It looks good and all, however, the OnePlus 3T’s HTC looks makes it more attractive. All is subjective though, so if you like an Apple clone, go for the OnePlus 5.

2. No image stabilization.

Shaky video is a thing of the past thanks to stabilization built-in to both hardware and software on our new smartphones. The OnePlus 3T has it and the OnePlus 5 don’t. Want to take some pictures in a rather dark room with OnePlus 5? Well, you’d appreciate some still videos and pictures to retain some crisp images for your Instagram. Without it, I’m gonna take some time upgrading.

3. Smaller battery.

Just a 100mAh difference. Pretty insignificant, right. OnePlus 3T have 3400mAh and the newer OnePlus 5, 3300mAh. This makes me wonder that with more powerful chips inside the OnePlus 5, how can the smaller battery fare? Software optimization can be a key but the battery should have been added to for a newer phone.

4. Marginal hardware improvements.

The 6GB on the OnePlus 3T is nothing compared to the 8GB of the OnePlus 5. This is amazing, in my opinion. A smartphone with the same RAM count as an entry level desktop computer. My only gripe is, with Snapdragon chipsets aging very well, will we really see some noticeable improvements on our daily tasks? You would have to run 20 apps all at the same time, going back and forth, to cripple the 6GB limit of the OnePlus 3T. That scenario, is honestly, not the usual habit of an average user.

5. Too soon for an upgrade.

The time gap from OnePlus 3T’s release to the OnePlus 5’s? Six months. Half a year. Do you really upgrade your smartphone that quick? Sure, if you just have some cash burning a hole in your pocket. But for me, a year is a minimum time allocated to even see my OnePlus 3T age. Even Samsung updates its flagship each year. Six months is not practical, therefore, I will bide my time to get my smartphone upgraded.

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