How to check if your iPhone X has a Qualcomm or Intel wireless modem inside



After all the commotion stemming from the fact that¬†Apple¬†has¬†most likely crippled Qualcomm’s X16 wireless¬†modem¬†inside certain¬†iPhone X¬†versions (looking at you,¬†Verizon¬†and¬†Sprint¬†ones), to match the inferior abilities of the Intel¬†modem¬†in¬†AT&T¬†and T-Mobile’s versions, it’s only logical that owners would want to know what variant they have.















Qualcomm’s X16 is the¬†modem¬†of choice for most flagships sold in the US, as it allows CDMA network access, and up to 1Gbps downloads, but since the Intel chip maxes out at 600Mbps,¬†Apple¬†has neutered the X16 to even all models out. This shows in direct comparison, with, say, the¬†Note 8, which achieves nearly¬†double the download speeds¬†of the¬†iPhone¬†X on one and the same network.
Unfortunately, a difference is also shown between two¬†iPhone¬†X units with different¬†modems¬†– the¬†Verizon¬†model with¬†Qualcomm, for instance, showed¬†67% better download speeds¬†than AT&T’s version with Intel, when placed in scenarios imitating weak signal. If you want to know whether you have an Intel¬†XMM7480¬†modem¬†in your¬†iPhone¬†X, or the more capable¬†Qualcomm¬†gear, here’s what you need to do:
1. Go to Settings > About > Legal > Regulatory, and write down the model number of your iPhone X;
2. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > General > About, then scroll down to the Model entry, and tap on it to display the model number. Write that one down, too;
3. If your¬†iPhone¬†X version is¬†A1865, then you have Qualcomm’s¬†X16¬†powering your data downloads, go take a lottery ticket;
4. If the model is A1901, then you have Intel inside, and may experience some slower download speeds in areas with wonky signal, at least in theory;
5. There is a third model, as you can see from Apple’s own country and carrier model listings above, which adds support for Sony’s FeliCa contactless payments on iD and QuicPay as well as Suica support on JR East. It is exclusively for use on Softbank, AU, and NTT DoCoMo in Japan.
Apple¬†is¬†working together with Intel¬†on¬†gigabit LTE¬†and 5G¬†modems¬†for next-gen¬†iPhone, trying to break away from¬†Qualcomm¬†as a supplier, due to the¬†ongoing patent feud between the two, but until that bright future comes, you’d better get the¬†iPhone¬†X A1865 model from¬†Verizon¬†or unlocked, just to be on the safe side. Needless to say, most countries and carriers flaunt GSM networks, so the “Intel inside” version of the X outnumbers the¬†Qualcomm¬†model, but you may just have lucked out.