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5 Best Features of LG V10

These are the LG V10 best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.

lg v10


It’s true. The LG V10 have a secondary display at the top beside the camera module. This serves as a wider notification bar with some shortcut functions. It also enables to be turned on all the time even if the main display is sleeping. No need to worry, this is a very low powered display.


The construction of the LG V10 is mainly targeted towards durability. The materials are of high quality with some metal and sturdy construction to enable the device to withstand shock and drops from various heights and surfaces.


The side chassis of the LG V10 is stainless steel while the back is a grippy rubber backplate. The backplate makes the LG V10 easy to hold and hard to drop while the stainless construction is all about taking the drops and resisting scratches.


The digital to analog converter or DAC on the LG V10 makes the aural experience for the user very outstanding. It converts digital signals from music files into high fidelity audio to headphones.


The great thing about this feature is the manual mode for the still camera app and also to video files. You can change the settings even if the camera app is recording video files which is a professionals will surely love.

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