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LG V10 Manual

Get to know your very own LG V10 with the help of Sydney CBD Repair Team. Read the manual to get the most out of your smartphone.

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Know what powers the LG V10.

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  • LG V10 Manual  (35)

Download the PDF version of this manual here.


  • Turning your phone on

    Press and hold the Power/Lock Key on the back of the phone for a couple of seconds until the screen turns on.

    Turning your phone off

    1. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key on the back of the phone until the Phone options menu appears.
    2. Tap Power off in the Phone options menu.
    3. Tap OK to confirm that you want to turn off the phone.

  • Insert the Nano SIM card provided by the mobile telephone service provider, and the included battery.

    WARNING: Do not insert a memory card into the Nano SIM card slot. If a memory card happens to be lodged in the Nano SIM card slot, take the device to a LG Service Center to remove the memory card.

    1. To remove the back cover, hold the phone firmly in one hand. With your other hand, lift off the back cover with your thumbnail as shown in the figure below.

    2. Slide the Nano SIM card into the Nano SIM card slot as shown in the figure. Make sure the gold contact area on the card is facing downward.

    3. Insert the battery.

    4. To replace the cover onto the device, align the back cover over the battery compartment and press it down until it clicks into place.

  • Charge the battery before using it for first time. Use the charger to charge the battery. A computer can also be used to charge the battery by connecting the phone to it using the USB cable.

    WARNING: Use only LG-approved chargers, batteries and cables. If you use unapproved chargers, batteries or cables, it may cause battery charging delay. Or this can cause the battery to explode or damage the device, which are not covered by the warranty.

    The charger connector is located at the bottom of the phone. Insert the charger and plug it into a power outlet.

    NOTE: Do not open the back cover while your phone is charging.

  • Your device supports up to a 2TB microSD card. Depending on the memory card manufacturer and type, some memory cards may not be compatible with your device.

    WARNING: Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the device. Using an incompatible card may damage the device or the memory card, or corrupt the data stored in it.

    NOTE: Frequent writing and erasing of data shortens the lifespan of memory cards.

    1. Remove the back cover.
    2. Insert a memory card with the gold-colored contacts facing downwards.
    3. Replace the back cover.

  • Press and hold the Volume Down Key and the Power/Lock Key at the same time for 2 seconds to capture a screenshot of the current screen.

    To view the captured image, tap the Home > App Drawer > Gallery > the Screenshots folder.

  • Play Store allows you to browse and search for free and paid applications.

    To open the Play Store app

    Tap Home icon > App Drawer > Play Store app.

    To open a screen with details about an app

    At any time while browsing in Play Store, tap an app to open its details screen.

    The App details screen includes a description, ratings, comments, and related information about the app. From this screen, you can download, install, uninstall, rate the app, and more.

    To uninstall applications

    1. Tap Home > App Drawer > Settings > General tab > Apps.
    2. Once all applications appear, scroll to and select the application you want to uninstall.
    3. Tap Uninstall.

  • You can enjoy clear calling across the region.

    Making a call

    1 Tap Home icon > Dialer.
    2 Enter the number using the dialer. To delete a digit, tap backspace.
    3 After entering the desired number, tap Call icon to place the call.
    4 To end the call, tap End Call icon.

    Calling your contacts

    1 Tap Home icon > Contacts.
    2 Scroll through the contact list. You can also enter the contact’s name in the Search field or scroll along the alphabet letters on the right edge of the screen.
    3 In the list that is displayed, tap the contact you want to call.

    Answering and rejecting a call

     Swipe to the green phone icon in any direction to answer an incoming call.
     Swipe to the red phone icon in any direction to decline an incoming call.

    NOTE: Swipe to the sms icon if you want to decline a call and send a message to the caller.

  • You can add contacts on your phone and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google Account or other accounts that support syncing contacts.

    Searching for a contact

    1 Tap Home icon > Contacts.
    2 Tap Search contacts and enter the contact name using the keyboard.
        Matches are displayed as you begin to type.

    Adding a new contact

    1 Tap Home icon > Dialer.
    2 Enter the new contact’s number.
    3 Tap > Add to Contacts > New contact.
    4 If you want to add a picture to the new contact, tap the image icon.
        Choose Take photo or Select from Gallery.
    5 Enter the desired information for the contact.
    6 Tap SAVE.

  • 1. Tap Home icon > Messaging > Plus icon.
    2. Tap Contacts, then select one or more entries from your Contacts list.


    Enter a contact name or contact number into the To field. As you enter the contact name, matching contacts appear. You can tap a suggested recipient and add more than one contact.
    3. Tap the text field and start entering your message.
    4. Tap 3 dot icons to open the options menu. Choose from any of the available options.
    5. Tap the paper clip icon to attach the file that you want to share with message.
    6. Tap Send to send your message.

  • You can use the camera or camcorder to take and share pictures and videos

    Tap Home icon > App Drawer > Camera.

    Taking a photo

    1. Frame your subject on the screen.
    2. A square around the subject indicates that the camera has focused.
    3. Tap shutter icon to take a photo. Your picture will be automatically saved to the Gallery.

  • 1. Tap Home icon > App Drawer > Camera.
    2. Frame your subject on the screen.
    3. Tap video record to start recording the video.
    4. The length of the recording is displayed on the top of the screen.

    NOTE: Tap shutter icon to take pictures while recording video.

    5. Tap pause to pause recording video. You can resume recording again by tapping record.


    Tap stop to stop recording. Your video will be automatically saved to the Gallery.

  • While viewing a photo, tap more settings > Set image as to set the image as wallpaper or assign it to a contact.


    Depending on the software installed, some file formats may not be supported.
    If the file size exceeds the available memory, an error can occur when you open files.

  • 1. Tap Home icon > App Drawer > Gallery.
    2. Select the video you want to watch.

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