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Google Pixel and Pixel XL Specifications

Let’s dive in and know the inner specifications of Google’s new premium smartphones: Pixel and Pixel XL.


A smartphone and a larger version of it, sounds familiar?

Okay, we know this is coming but how is the regular Pixel any different to the Pixel XL? Pretty much the same stuff, except for a couple crucial differences: screen size and battery capacity.

Points to remember

  • Both Pixel and Pixel XL are made by HTC
  • Both are running Android Nougat, version 7.1

Operating System

Pixel: Android 7.1 with Google UI

Pixel XL: Android 7.1 with Google UI


Pixel: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821

Pixel XL: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821


Pixel: 4GB

Pixel XL: 4GB


Pixel: 5-inch 1920×1080, AMOLED, Gorilla Glass 4

Pixel XL: 5.5-inch 2560×1440, AMOLED, Gorilla Glass 4

Rear Camera

Pixel: 12MP f/2.0, 1.55-micron pixels, PDAF, LDAF

Pixel XL: 12MP f/2.0, 1.55-micron pixels, PDAF, LDAF

Front Camera

Pixel: 8MP, f/2.4

Pixel XL: 8MP, f/2.4


Pixel: 2770 mAh, Non-removable

Pixel XL: 3450 mAh, Non-removable


Pixel: Rapid Charging

Pixel XL: Rapid Charging


Pixel: USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2

Pixel XL: USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2

Fingerprint Sensor

Pixel: Yes

Pixel XL: Yes


Pixel: 32/128GB

Pixel XL: 32/128GB

IP Rating

Pixel: IP53

Pixel XL: IP53


Pixel: Quite Black, Very Silver, Really Blue

Pixel XL: Quite Black, Very Silver, Really Blue


Pixel: 143.8 x 69.5 x 8.6 mm

Pixel XL: 154.7 x 75.74 x 8.6 mm


Pixel: 143g

Pixel XL: 168g

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