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Google Pixelbook Specifications

The ultrabook to get this holiday season. Treat yourself with Google’s own version of a no-compromise notebook that you could use every single day, every single scenario.

google pixelbook

It’s the love child of Google Chrome OS and Google chromebooks.

By combining the learnings from the Google Chromebook Pixel (a Chrome OS machine) and Google Pixel C tablet (an Android Oreo machine). And not just in the sense of its sharp design and impressive specs, moreso by the fact that the Pixelbook is the best of both worlds – it runs both Chrome OS and tons of Android apps natively out of the box.

Points to remember

  • Google Pen is optional, so buy it separately if you want one.
  • The glass back is nice but very, very fragile.
  • It’s a premium ultrabook with pricing starts at $999.

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