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OnePlus X Manual

Get to know your very own OnePlus X with the help of Sydney CBD Repair Team. Read the manual to get the most out of your smartphone.

OnePlus X

OnePlus X Full Specs

The bang for the buck yet stylish ceramic phone is here. Read OnePlus X’s specs.

Read Specs
  • OnePlus X Page 0
  • OnePlus X Page 1
  • OnePlus X Page 2
  • OnePlus X Page 3
  • OnePlus X Page 4
  • OnePlus X Page 5
  • OnePlus X Page 6
  • OnePlus X Page 7
  • OnePlus X Page 8
  • OnePlus X Page 9
  • OnePlus X Page 10
  • OnePlus X Page 11
  • OnePlus X Page 12
  • OnePlus X Page 13

Download the PDF version of this manual here.


  • Thank You

    The OnePlus X exemplifies the design ethos of what OnePlus as a company can accomplish. Our newest
    creation is an expressive approach to an otherwise unexciting smartphone design world. A culmination of
    finely contoured design meeting the principles of good ergonomics. Truly powerfully beautiful.

    OnePlus-X-User-Guide-page-004-2 OnePlus-X-User-Guide-page-004-1