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Miku VR Future Live

Hey, Otaku! Are you a hard core Hatsune Miku fan? If you’ve been waiting a long time to go to a live concert to see her perform then this game is for you.


Miku VR Future Live

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Important Info:
  • Uses PlayStation VR headset
  • Compatible with Move controllers
  • Single player
  • Anime

Otakus, listen up. Want to watch Hatsune Miku live? Now this is your chance to have unlimited access to Miku’s concerts. Pick any seat you want and wave that glow stick like everyone else. This game was a very popular PlayStation VR game due to the die hard fans of Hatsune Miku in all parts of the world. Though the music and songs are in Japanese, this does not stop this virtual reality game from reaching high rankings in Japan’s leading games for the PS VR.

What are you waiting for? This game retails for just $15 and dance till you drop.

Watch the concert in full virtual reality with Hatsune Miku, Japan's most popular vocaloid.
Watch the concert in full virtual reality with Hatsune Miku, Japan’s most popular vocaloid.

[cleveryoutube video=”_ElzS4imHiU” style=”1″]


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