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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Call it a horror game or a shooter game, this spinoff of Until Dawn takes you on a literal roller coaster ride while you kill some killer clowns. Sounds fun.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

User Rating:


Important Info:
  • Uses PlayStation VR headset
  • Compatible with Move controllers
  • Single player
  • Horror

A spin-off from Supermassive Games’ hugely popular PlayStation 4 exclusive release, Until Dawn, this new title is designed specifically for VR. Instead of offering moral dilemmas as the player explores their environment and attempts to survive, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood puts the player on a roller coaster and, using the PlayStation Move motion-controllers, tasks them with taking out a wide variety of creeps using a varied arsenal. Technically it could be argued that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is more of an on-rails shooter than a horror experience, but once immersed the setting of the videogame would openly state differently.

It's the killer clowns again. It's terrifying like any zombie games you've played before.
It’s the killer clowns again. It’s terrifying like any zombie games you’ve played before.

[cleveryoutube video=”CAUXTjDucNQ” style=”1″]

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

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