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5 Best Features of Galaxy S7 Edge

These are the Galaxy S7 Edge best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.



Say goodbye to sluggish autofocus and blurry, out-of-focus pictures taken with the standard autofocus that came with the older Galaxy S6. Dual pixel autofocusing in the Galaxy S7 Edge uses each pixel in your sensor to grab and lock into focus faster. This means sharper shots on moving subjects and smooth accurate video focusing especially when done handheld.


The Galaxy S7 Edge have a 3600mAh battery which can power up the device for the entire day without even the need to go recharge it. With battery optimization features that minimizes background apps when the smartphone is not in use contributes even more to the amount of battery power you can save.


The Galaxy S7 Edge makes it easier for users to enjoy holding the phone without the sharp metal edges dig into your skin. Samsung subtly toned down the curves making the phone smoother by the edges and giving it a more premium feel.


The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge makes mobile gaming more social. With some awesome new features like recording your gameplay with up to 1080p resolution which you can share online via YouTube or Vimeo, this smartphone has certainly thought of a lot of new stuff. Players can even cap their framerates to save more battery and an even smoother gameplay. Fantastic.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have a gorgeous AMOLED quad HD display which when uses the always on display feature saves battery while displaying the digital clock and notification icons even when the phone is unlocked.

Pretty useful feature for people who rely on their smartphones to give them the time of day.

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