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5 Best Features of Xiaomi Mi 4

These are Xiaomi Mi 4 best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.



The toggle settings for the Xiaomi Mi 4 can not only set the notification arrangement but also five two options on how to show it. Page or bar options. Full page will show the toggle settings in a separate panel from the top. Bar just gives a small settings from below.


Earphones can be configured in Xiaomi Mi 4. Once connected, the phone lets you customize the volume up and down switches. It can also enhance the sound mix from the earphones that you are using.


The Xiaomi Mi 4 and the MIUI 6 can make you customize the capacitive and physical buttons around the device. Long presses and short taps gets an assigned action for whatever purpose the user assigns it to.


Though some options are available for some version of Android but the MIUI 6 on Xiaomi Mi 4 gives options for performance or balance mode. Performance mode makes the device run faster but eats on battery faster. Balance mode gives power and performance even priority.


Xiaomi Mi 4 have a useful built in feature that lets users block unnecessary calls or spam messages. This makes a very secure uncluttered user experience.

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