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Get to know your very own Xiaomi Mi 4 with the help of Sydney CBD Repair Team. Read the manual to get the most out of your smartphone.


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  • Turn navigation lights on/off

    By default, the navigation buttons (Menu, Home and Back) will be illuminated when you tap any one of them. However, if you’re in an environment or a situation where this light isn’t wanted, you can turn it off.
    – On your device, find and launch the Settings app.
    – Tap Additional settings > Buttons
    – Slide the Button light switch to the left to turn it off.
    – Alternatively, if you don’t wish to turn the light completely off, you can tap Button light settings to adjust the light duration.


  • Use Xiaomi phone with one hand

    The next time you find it frustrating to handle your device with one hand, you can quickly switch to one-handed mode.

    i. To enable and customize one-handed operations
    – From your Xiaomi phone’s Settings, tap Additional settings > One-handed mode
    – Swipe the One-handed mode switch to the right, and then tap the screen size that you prefer.

  • Answering calls auto/manual

    i. To answer a call manually
    – To answer an incoming call, swipe miui6 answer call icon up.

    ii. To answer a call automatically
    – Open the Settings app.
    – Tap Call Settings > Auto-answer.
    – Slide the Auto-answer switch to the right.
    – You can now tap Delay auto-answer to select the number of seconds to delay before picking up.
    – You can also select a specific condition in which the phone will answer calls automatically.


  • Sending group message

    You can send a message to two or more people at a time. Here’s how:
    – In your Messaging app, tap New message to compose a new message.
    – Enter several recipient numbers in the box that says To, or tap contact icon to choose the contacts and groups.
    – If you tap contact icon, you can select multiple contacts in the contact list or groups in the group list.
    – Tap the box that says Text message, and then enter your message.
    – Tap > to send.


  • Forwarding a message

    – Open the Messaging app.
    – Tap the conversation containing the message you want to forward.
    – Long tap the message you want to forward.
    – Tap Forward.


  • Deleting a message

    – Open the Messaging app.
    – Tap the conversation containing the message you want to delete.
    – Tap and hold the message you want to delete, and then tap Delete.

    To delete entire conversation:
    – Open the Messaging app.
    – Long tap the conversation you want to delete, and then tap Delete.

  • Taking a photo

    – Open the Camera app.
    – Tap the image on the camera preview screen where the camera should focus. When the object is in focus, the focus frame turns green.
    – Tap photo shutter button to take a photo or video shutter button to take a video.
    Tip: To change the focus while taking a video, tap where you want to focus.


  • Self-timer in camera

    In MIUI 6, the Camera app now has the 3-sec self-timer feature for the front camera. Here’s how to use it:
    – On your device, find and launch the Camera app.
    – Tap miui6 switch camera to switch to the front camera.
    – Slide right to see the Countdown option. Tap it to turn on the 3-sec timer.
    – When you tap the capture button, the timer will starts to count down from 3 to 0. When the count down ends, the camera will take a photo.


  • Changing themes

    If you don’t like the look of the icons, wallpaper, lock screen and other visual elements on your device, a new theme can give your device a whole new interface.

    To change a theme on your device running MIUI 6
    – On your device, find and launch the Themes app.
    – Find and tap the theme you want.
    – On the Themes details screen, tap Download and then follow by Apply.

  • Connecting to wi-fi

    Connecting to a password protected Wi-Fi network
    – On your device, find and launch the Settings app.
    – Tap WLAN.
    – Slide WLAN switch to the right.
    – Tap the Wi-Fi network ID you wish to connect.
    – Enter the password, then tap Connect.
    – If the password is correct, you’ll see the “Connected” status below the network ID.
    – To view detailed information about the connected Wi-Fi network, simply right arrow icon next to the Wi-Fi ID.

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