Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Manual

Get to know your very own Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with the help of Sydney CBD Repair Team. Read the manual to get the most out of your smartphone.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Full Specs

Know what powers the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

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  • Disable App Notifications

    Another handy feature in MIUI 7 is that you can disable notifications from the notification bar itself without the need of going to settings.

    To disable notification for an app, Swipe to Notification bar > click on Disable icon > Mark the App notifications, you want to disable for and click on Tick icon.

    This is extremely useful when you want to quickly disable annoying notifications from certain apps.

  • Daily Lock Screen

    It will be quite boring to see to the same wallpaper on your lock screen. Daily Lock screen feature beautifies your lock screen with a new wallpaper every day. Xiaomi has a collection of beautiful wallpapers specially licenced for this feature.

    To Enable Daily Lock Screen Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper > Daily Lock Screen

    Additionally You can also Setup Baby album and Set your Baby photos as Daily lock screen.

  • Smart SMS Filter

    Our SMS Inbox, these days get crowded with all those Facebook alerts, Telecom marketing SMS and OTP’s. It becomes almost impossible to find the real SMS, that a friend sent you.

    To Enable Smart SMS Filter:

    Open Messaging app and long press on Recent apps key (≡) for a second and you’ll see a settings screen.
    Now here Enable the option Group Carrier Messages.
    Go back to Messaging and you can see all those service messages moved into the folder named Notifications.

  • Quick OTP

    Either you are shopping on an E-commerce site or Transacting with your Debit card, you should have faced the trouble going to a Message note the OTP (One-Time Password) and enter it in the transaction page.

    In MIUI 7, you just get a floating notification that you can copy and paste to the site that you’re working on.
    Quick OTP is enabled by default. In case if it is disabled on your device, you can turn it ON:
    Go to Messaging > Long-press on Recent apps key > Click on Check SMS for OTP

  • XXL Text

    Got eye problems, MIUI 7’s got a feature for that.

    The XXL text is here. Xiaomi previously had only XL text. The new XXL text feature increases text size to extra, extra large without disturbing the user interface. Xiaomi built XXL text feature in the way that it doesn’t make the overall UI dirty.

    To switch to XXL text Go to Settings > Text Size > Slide to XXL. You can also see the live preview of home screen by swiping to left.

  • Child Mode

    Child mode let’s you control access to certain apps whenever you lend your Xiaomi device to your child.

    Set a password or pattern for lock screen by going to Settings > Lock screen.
    Now Go to Settings > Child mode > Click on Child mode.
    Select which apps you want to allow and go back to home and lend to your kid.

    To exit from Child mode, click on the cross button and enter your lock-screen Pattern or password.


  • Do Not Disturb Mode

    In MIUI 7 you can schedule Do Not Disturb mode for a specific time. You can also link it with your Mi Band, so that it can switch to DND mode automatically when you are sleeping.

    Turn on DND (Settings > Do Not Disturb or from Quick toggles).
    To schedule Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Set Time.

    Here you can set time for DND mode (or) If you have a Mi band linked with your Xiaomi device you can turn-on Mi Band option and the device automatically goes into DND mode during your sleeping cycle.


  • Data Saver

    The Data saver which is powered by Opera Max, once enabled serves all the data through Opera server and compresses it. It helps you Browse the internet faster and saves your Mobile Data as well Wi-Fi by upto 50%.

    To Enable Data saver Go to Security app > Data Usage > Data Saver

    This data saver works with all apps. You can also enable data saver for other apps, and also watch YouTube videos faster. This feature as of now (V 5.9.16) available only in Chinese ROM, will be made available in Global ROM soon.

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